Thursday, December 3, 2009

Las Vegas again...

We drove through Las Vegas, New Mexico on the way home from Colorado where we spent the Thanksgiving holiday. I love Las Vegas! It is such a romantic, historic little town. Everywhere you look there is something to entertain, even if it's just admiring the architecture of the buildings.

There seems to be quite a bit of renovation going on in this town, which is a good thing. These historic buildings are priceless and should not be torn down. They should be restored and protected as treasures.

The Las Vegas Museum was closed when we drove by and I was disappointed that we drove into town so late in the day. The museum is spectacular. It has so much to see, including artifacts from Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders. A very interesting place, indeed.


Tim Shey said...

Just wanted to make a comment on your photo of the windmill in New Mexico at the bottom of your blog. It is a really nice photo.

One time I was hitchhiking in New Mexico. I had been walking for a while and I ran out of water and it was the middle of summer. I saw this windmill--it was a quarter mile from the highway. I jumped over the fence and walked to the windmill and filled up my water bottle. This guy in a pickup stopped on the highway and watched me walk to the windmill. After he saw me fill up my water bottle, he drove off.

Working windmills come in handy when you run out of water.

Darla Sue Dollman said...

Once, when I was driving through New Mexico, I passed beneath the most intense black storm. I thought I might be encountering a tornado, so I called my daughter and asked her to check the weather on her computer. She told me to drive as fast as I could out of the area. I decided it would be best to pull over and find safety. As I got out of the truck I looked back to the intersection I just left and noticed debris swirling around in a circle. It rose up above the houses, then just dropped. It was a gustnado! I knew then that the cloud above me was breaking up--if it did drop a tornado, it would most likely be at the opposite end of the storm. I jumped back into my truck and drove out of the storm and into one of the most spectacular sunsets I've ever seen. The storm had just passed through the area so everything was wet and reflecting color. I stopped and photographed a windmill, and it was the best picture I've ever taken, I swear. I downloaded it onto my computer, then we drove into the mountains for a short vacation. When I opened my truck door my computer fell out and smashed into pieces on the pavement. All of my pictures from the trip were lost! I love photographing windmills. I keep hoping that some day I will be able to replicate that photo, but probably not. It was a once in a lifetime moment.

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