Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cowboy Poetry

I can’t think of anything more Western-romantic than cowboy poetry, which becomes more popular each year. In fact, the 24th Annual Montana Cowboy Poetry Gathering will be held in Lewistown, Montana, August 14-16, 2009.

The goal of the gathering is to preserve the heritage of the open range with displays of the visual and oral cultural history of the West. According to the gathering’s organizers, 90% of the performers are ranchers, stockmen, and descendents of original homesteaders and settlers.

This is the oldest cowboy poetry gathering in the United States. The second oldest is held each February in Alpine,Texas. The Montana Cowboy Poetry Gathering is listed as one of 1000 Places to See in the US and Canada before You Die in the travel directory by Patricia Schultz.

The Gathering offers poetry and music sessions as well as displays of western artwork, rope art, leather craft, and other vendor items. All of the day activities are at The Yogo Inn on Main Street in Lewistown. The Saturday night show, starring Baxter Black, Mike Logan and two kid radio contest winners, is at the Fergus Center for the Performing Arts, which is attached to Fergus High School.

A pin-pass for everything at The Yogo Inn is $8 per person. The night show is $17.50. Tickets may be charged with VISA or MC by calling 406-535-8278. The Montana Cowboy Poetry Gathering is produced by the Lewistown Art Center, a non-profit organization and you will find more information on their website at:

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